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My Life is One Giant L0v3 H473 7R4g3dy

1 March
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Me Now -- 19. Working 32 hours a week at Walgreen's Photo Lab. Lacking business for Side-Project Photography. Contemplating the glory that which is Skindatie: Where Skate and Indie Collide skate/music shop brought to you by Courtney and Danny. Planning marriage to Joshua Wayne.

Me Future -- Older than 19. Hopefully only working 30 hours at Walgreen's Photo Lab to get employee discount and medical benefits. Hopefully more business for Side-Project. Still wondering where Courtney is dragging me with this Skindatie theory. Changing name to Mrs. Joshua Wayne.

Hurdles to Jump -- Many birthdays. Finishing college. Advertising Side-Project. Finishing more college and having a PLAN. Massive amounts of planning and mucho buckeronis to have the fairy tale wedding I've always dreamt of.
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